Grudge Match

Grudge Match Release Date: December 25, 2013

Jake LaMotta vs Rocky Balboa. Sort of.

While it is not officially a fight between the two iconic fictitious boxers, the movie Grudge Match pits Robert DeNiro against Sylvester Stallone.

Three endings for the movie were shot by the director to keep the crew working on the movie from leaking the ending. One has Sylvester Stallone winning, another has Robert De Niro as the victor, and the third has them both die. Yes, both dead. You’ll have to see the movie to find out what happens.

The story unites Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro, known for iconic turns as boxers in Rocky and Raging Bull respectively, as two bitter boxing rivals who are coaxed back into the ring for a grudge match 50 years after they first fought for the title.

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Genres: ComedySport
Directed By: Peter Segal
Studio: Warner Bros.
Total Box Office: 29.8 MIL
MPAA Rating PG-13

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