Narco Cultura

Narco Cultura Release Date: November 22, 2013

The big screen documentary movie Narco Cultura shows how reprehensible many Mexican gang members are, actually teaching their children that killing is the way to go. They – these vile creatures – should all be deported, to say the least.

To a growing number of Mexicans and Latinos in the Americas, narco traffickers have become iconic outlaws and the new models of fame and success. They represent a pathway out of the ghetto – a new form of the American Dream, fueled by the war on drugs. The documentary Narco Cultura looks at this explosive phenomenon from within; cycles of addiction to money, drugs and violence that are rapidly gaining strength on both sides of the US/Mexican border.

DIRECTED BY: Shaul Schwarz

STUDIO: Cinedigm


Narco Cultura Trailer

Genres: DocumentaryNews
Directed By: Shaul Schwarz
Runtime: 103 minutes
Studio: Cdgm.
Total Box Office: 144.4 TH
MPAA Rating R