Next Release Date: August 23, 2013

In “Next,” based on the Philip K. Dick story “The Golden Man,” Nicolas Cage plays a man with the unique ability to see future events and affect their outcome. Relentlessly pursued by the FBI, which is seeking to use his abilities to prevent a global terrorist threat, he is ultimately faced with the daunting choice of saving the world or the woman he loves – “Next.”

Next Trailer

Starring: Julianne MooreNicolas CageJessica BielThomas KretschmannJason Butler HarnerJessica BarthEnzo CilentiTory KittlesPeter FalkSergej TrifunovicEdith FieldsMichael RunyardNicolas PajonAlice Kim CageDanny DowneyLaetitia DanielleJack OngBonita FriedericyMichael TruccoMax LeeJon HughesRichard KayJim BeaverMiranda FrigonPatricia PrataLogan ChristopherJosé ZúñigaAdam LiebermanCharles Rahi ChunLorilynn Failor
Genres: ActionSci-FiThriller
Directed By: Lee Tamahori
Runtime: 96 minutes
Studio: LGF
MPAA Rating PG-13