Rapturepalooza Release Date: June 7, 2013

Rapturepalooza, which receives a very limited theatrical release, day and date with its VOD release, is a candidate for worst movie of 2013. And, sadly, it features an Oscar nominee in the lead, Anna Kendrick.

When the Apocalypse actually happens and a billion people are raptured up to heaven, Lindsey and her boyfriend Ben are left behind in suburban Seattle. The young couple tries their best to lead a normal life surrounded by talking locusts, blood rain showers and pot-smoking wraiths. But when The Beast makes his home base in their neighbourhood, Lindsey finds herself the object of his affection. With the help of her family, friends and a lawn-mowing zombie neighbour, the young couple set off to stop the Anti-Christ from taking her as his bride. and just maybe, saving the world in the process.

Rapturepalooza Trailer

Genres: ComedyFantasy
Directed By: Paul Middleditch
Runtime: 85 minutes
MPAA Rating R