Top Gun

Top Gun Release Date: February 8, 2013

The iconic 1986 movie starring Tom Cruise flies back into IMAX theaters, exclusively, converted into 3D.

Maverick (Tom Cruise) is a reckless ace fighter pilot, living with the ghosts of his famous aviator father and his own penchant for hijinks. Along with his best friend and navigator, Goose, Maverick attends the Navy’s elite air combat academy where the two work together to compete for the title of Top Gun against the best of the best Naval aviators.

Breaking rules and convention is his specialty and, true to form, Maverick falls in love with a civilian instructor at the academy. When his best friend, Goose, is killed in training, Maverick must pull himself back from the brink to prove that he can change his ways and become a team player.

Top Gun was released May 16, 1986 and grossed more than $176 million during its initial theatrical release, solidifying the box office superstardom of Maverick, Tom Cruise.

Adjusted for inflation, Top Gun is the 105th most popular movie of all time at the movie box office, right behind Toy Story 2 and right in front of Shrek.

Take a look, below, at how Kelly McGillis, who has been an out and proud lesbian for years, looks today. We all know how Tom Cruise looks, as he been in a new movie virtually every year since Top Gun was released in 1986, twenty-seven years ago.

Genres: ActionDramaRomance
Directed By: Tony Scott
Runtime: 110 minutes
MPAA Rating PG

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