Airplane vs Volcano

Airplane vs Volcano Release Date: March 28, 2014

Airplane vs Volcano release date March 28, 2014.

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The movie Airplane vs Volcano is from the same studio that delivered the horrible – but popular – Sharknado.

Airplane vs Volcano gets a one week limited theatrical run before its DVD debut (May 2014).

In the movie, an airline crew and its passengers find themselves trapped in an active volcano region. There is no escape, except to fly the plane down and no one knows if anyone will survive.

The story makes nosense at all and the movie is comprised of former D-list stars – Dean Cain and Robin Givens – who have fallen to F-list status, with this.

Airplane vs Volcano Trailer

Starring: Matt MercerDean CainMike Jerome PutnamMaximilian ElfeldtJeff GroffJason SchaefferMorgan WestVonn HarrisJonathan NationPatrick LazzaraTamara GoodwinAlex LleraRyan BuddsLaura Alexandra RamosRobin GivensMichael HamptonDavid VegaGlenn MillerJeremy WalkerJulia SweeneyJon KondelikAnthony MarksScarlett RedmondZachary HavenRalph William TarrGraham DenmanJose PrendesNatalie BurtneyJoseph PriceLawrence Hilton-Jacobs
Genres: Action
Directed By: James KondelikJon Kondelik
Runtime: 91 minutes

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