Marvin, Seth And Stanley

Marvin, Seth And Stanley Release Date: January 31, 2014

The Marvin Seth And Stanley joins the quarreling Greenstein brothers Seth (Alex Karpovsky) and Stanley (Stephen Gurewitz) when they reluctantly agree to join their father, Marvin, for a weekend trip in rural Minnesota. Estranged from each other, the threesome of inept outdoorsmen rediscover repressed grudges as the weekend comically devolves into a series of daytime drinking episodes and botched outdoor pursuits.

A serious comedy of deceit and stilted emotions, the sharp relationships in Marvin, Seth and Stanley are buffered by the warmth of an autumnal Midwestern landscape authentically captured through 16mm color cinematography.

Marvin, Seth And Stanley Trailer

Genres: ComedyDrama
Directed By: Stephen Gurewitz
Runtime: 75 minutes
MPAA Rating Unrated