Norte, the End of History

Norte, the End of History Release Date: June 20, 2014

An embittered law student commits a brutal double murder; a family man takes the fall and is forced into a harsh prison sentence; a mother and her two children wander the countryside looking for some kind of redemption. |

Norte, the End of History Trailer

Starring: Perry DizonTian Wen ChenDea FormacilMoira LangMiles CanapiPaolo RodriguezKristian ChuaKristine KintanaSoliman CruzSpider RodasJoel CabacunganAneeza HernandezArchie AlemaniaMae PanerCharlotte CabacunganAdelanne HernandezSid LuceroLuis Miguel NicolasAj BaliatSheen GenerLou MiresLex MarcosClement Andrada IIILuis Galang IIIIan LomongoHazel Orencio
Genres: Drama
Directed By: Lav Diaz
Runtime: 250 minutes
Total Box Office: 10.5 TH