Revenge Of The Mekons

Revenge Of The Mekons Release Date: October 29, 2014

Political provocateurs. Social agitators. Punk’s reigning contrarians. The Mekons have been called all this and more.

Revenge of the Mekons chronicles the unlikely story of a group of radical British art students who formed in the first blast of punk rock in 1977. Against all odds – and despite a career consigned to the margins – the Mekons continue to tour and make adventurous and challenging albums, despite the fact that its eight members are separated by thousands of miles across two continents.

Adored with cult-like devotion by fans and critics alike, the Mekons have redefined themselves and their music repeatedly over the years while staying true to the punk ethos. But the Mekons are more than just a band.

They’re also an art collective whose members make art individually, collectively and in collaboration with other avant-garde artists.

A rich and illuminating account of a fascinating, criminally under-recognized band, Revenge of the Mekons is a lively, inspiring and entertaining film – with killer music, to boot!

Revenge Of The Mekons Trailer

Starring: Vito Acconci,Fred Armisen,Rico Bell,Hugo Burnham,Sarah Corina,Craig Finn,Jonathan Franzen,Steve Goulding,Tom Greenhalgh,Susie Honeyman,Greg Kot,Jon Langford,Greil Marcus,Will Oldham,Sally Timms
Genres: Documentary
Directed By: Joe Angio
Runtime: 95 minutes
Studio: Music Box Films
MPAA Rating Unrated