Beloved Sisters

Beloved Sisters Release Date: January 9, 2015

Beloved Sisters depicts the unconventional romance between two aristocratic sisters and a rebellious poet who took the European literary world by storm in the late eighteenth century. As the German Enlightenment flourishes in Weimar, vibrant Caroline von Beulwitz (Hannah Herszsprung) finds herself in an unhappy marriage to provide for her mother and shy younger sister Charlotte von Lengefeld (Henriette Confurius). When both sisters fall for outspoken writer Friedrich Schiller (Florian Stetter), their desire ignites a journey of shared passion and creativity. Charlotte and Schiller marry so that the lovers may pursue their ménage à trois under the guise of convention, but as Caroline reveals herself to be a talented author in her own right, the trio’s fragile equilibrium is threatened and the sisters’ once unbreakable connection is irrevocably changed. In this sweeping yet intimate romantic drama, which is also Germany’s official submission to the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film, acclaimed director Dominik Graf illuminates the lives of two bold young women and one of classical literature’s most celebrated figures with charm and contemporary energy.

Well known movie critics like Beloved Sisters, for the most part, saying: Smart, vivid, and powerfully acted, Beloved Sisters injects new life into its pretty period tropes and soapy plotting.

Beloved Sisters Trailer

Starring: Hannah Herzsprung,Florian Stetter,Henriette Confurius,Claudia Messner,Ronald Zehrfeld,Maja Maranow,Michael Wittenborn,Andreas Pietschmann,Anne Schäfer,Peter Schneider,Eli Wasserscheid,Christine Zart,Ulrich Blöcher,Bernhard Conrad,Heinrich Cuipers,Ella Gaiser,Eva-Maria Hofmann,Thomas Kornack,Klaus Lehmann,Bennet Meyer,Philipp Oehme,Philipp Otto,Peter Rauch,Frederike Schinzler,Martin Trippensee,Dominik Graf
Genres: DramaHistoryRomance
Directed By: Dominik Graf
Runtime: 138 minutes
Studio: Music Box Films
Total Box Office: 38.1 TH
MPAA Rating R