Chi Raq

Chi Raq Release Date: December 4, 2015

Chi Raq is a modern day adaptation of the ancient Greek play Lysistrata by Aristophanes, set against the backdrop of gang violence in Chicago.

More importantly, it tells the story of black women in gang areas who withhold sex from their gangbanger boyfriends until they stop killing each other.

Chi Raq is the latest impending box office bomb from Amazon, who releases the movie in a handful of theaters the same day that they release it on their streaming service.

Chi Raq Trailer

Starring: Nick Cannon,Teyonah Parris,Anya Engel-Adams,Wesley Snipes,Angela Bassett,Michelle Mitchenor,Ebony Joy,Felicia Pearson,Samuel L. Jackson,La La Anthony,Val Warner,Jennifer Hudson,David Patrick Kelly,Sarunas J. Jackson,Corey Hendrix,Harry Lennix,John Cusack,D.B. Sweeney,Steve Harris,William Gines,Quincy Griffin,Chantley Lorraine Ward,M.J. Carey,Samuel Robinson,Anthony Fitzpatrick,Jackie Taylor,Gina Breedlove,Anthony Chisholm,Darren Jones,George Willborn
Genres: Drama
Directed By: Spike Lee
Studio: Amazon
MPAA Rating R

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