Death of a Tree

Death of a Tree Release Date: April 3, 2015

Divorced and now chaste, devout Catholic James tries to live a holy life to please God, but suddenly falls victim to seduction by a much younger woman – in the movie Death Of A Tree.

Death of a Tree Trailer

Starring: Ronnie Marmo,Gracie Tyrrell,Joanne Faneli Babiraz,Megan Barton,Krista Bolton,Paul Borghese,Monica Caplan,Richard Dellos,Alexi Foor,Fran Grippe,Marielle Holland,Jaclyn Ingoglia,Dean Martoccia,Tony Martoccia,Richard Mathy,Carin Mei,Brittany Newton,Dean Nole,Danny Pennacchi,Nicholas Pupello,Mike Rizzo,Ralph Squillace,Tisha Tinsman,Roland Uruci,Rainbow Young
Directed By: John Martoccia
Runtime: 80 minutes
Studio: Anthony Stella Productions
MPAA Rating Unrated