Hard Labor

Hard Labor Release Date: October 30, 2015

Filmed in 2010, the movie Hard Labor finally received a limited art house release in the United States in late 2015.

In Hard Labor a middle-class couple slowly succumbs to the allures of entrepreneurship—and the horrors of a schizophrenic job market. As Helena (Helena Albergaria) gets ready to start her own business (a small grocery store), her white-collar husband Otávio (Marat Descartes) is let go from his job. Determined to stay afloat, Otávio goes on a series of ego-crushing job interviews and begins to adapt to the needs of a new economy. Helena, now the household’s breadwinner, discovers that the building housing her store has a sinister story in its past. Beautifully translating the evanescent forces of cyber-age economics into a Grand Guignol of kitchen-sink sensibilities, HARD LABOR is unlike any other Brazilian film you’ve seen in the last decade.

Hard Labor Trailer

Starring: Helena Albergaria,Marat Descartes,Naloana Lima,Gilda Nomacce,Marina Flores,Lilian Blanc,Thiago Carreira,Hugo Villavicenzio,Thais Almeida Prado,Rodrigo Bolzan,Maristela Chelala,Cristian Chinen,Marina Corazza,Doró Cross,Tatiana Custódio,Alexandre Dutra,Laerte Dutra,Carlos Escher,Heitor Goldflus,Eduardo Gomes,Rafael Gomes,Guilherme Gorski,Caetano Gotardo,Gregorio Graziosi,Paolo Gregori,Antônio Januzelli,Clarissa Kiste,Laerte Késsimos,Thiago Ledier,Júlio Machado
Genres: DramaHorror
Directed By: Marco DutraJuliana Rojas
Runtime: 99 minutes
Studio: Cinema Slate