La Sapienza

La Sapienza Release Date: March 20, 2015

In the movie La Sapienza at the height of his career, Alexandre decides to set off for Italy with the idea of completing his draft – interrupted years earlier – of a book on Borromini. He is accompanied by his wife Alienor who feels her relationship with her husband gradually slipping away along with the passion it used to inspire. Having reached Stresa they happen to meet Goffredo and Lavinia, a pair of siblings who live there: the former is about to embark in architectural studies, the second is suffering from a nervous disorder.

Reviving a maternal instinct that has lain dormant within her for so many years, Alienor feels the need to stay by Lavinia’s side to help her overcome her anxiety and suggests that her husband continue on his travels with Goffredo.

This separation will be the start of an inner journey for both Alexandre and Alienor. With his young friend, Alexandre heads for Turin and Rome, and draws fresh inspiration from the beauty of our country and Goffredo’s enthusiasm. He will thus rediscover his joy of life and his original passion for his work, while Alienor will now have the chance to consider her real needs now that her husband has found himself once more.

The film tells of a love story that develops in parallel amid architecture, artistic inspiration and of course emotions. The title of the film refers to one of the most extraordinary projects completed by Francesco Borromini: the Church of St. Yves at La Sapienza in Rome.

La Sapienza Trailer

Starring: Fabrizio Rongione,Christelle Prot,Ludovico Succio,Arianna Nastro,Hervé Compagne,Sabine Ponte,Gilles Tonnelé,Nathalie Chazeau,Irene Fittabile,Michele Franco,Jon Firman,Mario Bois,Clément Cogitore,Maria Chiara Malta,Sébastien Laudenbach,Elisabeth Pelon,Sébastien Borghi,Eugène Green
Genres: Drama
Directed By: Eugène Green
Runtime: 101 minutes
Studio: Kino Lorber
MPAA Rating Unrated