Learning To Drive

Learning To Drive Release Date: August 21, 2015

In the movie Learning To Drive, as her marriage dissolves, a Manhattan writer (Patricia Clarkson) takes driving lessons from a Sikh instructor (Ben Kingsley) with marriage troubles of his own. In each other’s company they find the courage to get back on the road and the strength to take the wheel.

Starring: Ben Kingsley,Patricia Clarkson,Grace Gummer,Jake Weber,Sarita Choudhury,Samantha Bee,John Hodgman,Matt Salinger,Michael Mantell,Daniela Lavender,Jonathan C. Kaplan,Jessie Nagpal,Avi Nash,Joan Juliet Buck,Bryan Burton,Shawn Michael,Amelia Fowler,Randy Graff,Beau Baxter,Lorri Lindberg,Gina Jarrin,Nora Hummel,Justin Gregory Lopez,Royce Johnson,Rajika Puri,Raf Liriano,Patrick Brana,Hervender Singh,Harpreet Singh Toor,Sean Cole
Genres: ComedyDramaRomance
Directed By: Isabel Coixet
Runtime: 105 minutes
Studio: Broad Green Pictures
MPAA Rating R