Lucky Stiff

Lucky Stiff Release Date: July 24, 2015

In the movie Lucky Stiff, a young down-and-out British shoe salesman named Harry Witherspoon takes his dead American uncle to Monte Carlo for the best time of his life – a week of fun, dancing, gambling and sun.

If the young man fulfills his uncle’s request to the letter, he will inherit the $6 million left to him. If he doesn’t, the money will go to the Universal Dog Home of Brooklyn.

As Harry races from casino to nightclub to beach to bedroom with his dead uncle, he is chased by a desperate put-upon optometrist; his controlling, myopic, trigger-happy sister; an avaricious French chanteuse; a mysterious Italian playboy; as well as a young woman from Brooklyn dead set on getting that money for the dogs.

Guns go off, disguises go on, champagne corks pop, nightmares come to life, romance blossoms, dogs bark, and everyone sings! It’s a zany, frothy, colorful and fast-paced musical farce with a very happy ending.

Lucky Stiff Trailer

Starring: Dominic MarshNikki M. JamesPamela ShawJason AlexanderDennis FarinaDon AmendoliaKate ShindleMary BirdsongAnthony SkordiJayne Houdyshell
Genres: ComedyMusical
Directed By: Christopher Ashley
Runtime: 78 minutes
Studio: Abramorama
MPAA Rating Unrated