Man Up

Man Up Release Date: November 13, 2015

The movie Man Up tells the story of a single woman who’s mistaken for a stranger’s blind date, however, it leads to her finding the perfect boyfriend.

Nancy is done with dating. 10 times bitten, 100 times shy, she’s exhausted by the circus. So when Jack blindly mistakes her for his date, no one is more surprised than her when she does the unthinkable and just goes with it. It’s going to take a night of pretending to be someone else for Nancy to finally man up and be her painfully honest, awesomely unconventional self. But will Jack also man up, and be able to get over her duplicity? Best just to let the evening unfold, roll with the consequences, and see if one crazy, unpredictable, complicated night can bring these two messy souls together.

Even though the movie Man Up was a commercial disaster, film critics loved it, saying, Thanks to fine performances from Lake Bell and Simon Pegg, Man Up largely strikes the deceptively difficult balance between romance and comedy.

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Starring: Dean-Charles Chapman,Simon Pegg,Lake Bell,Olivia Williams,Ophelia Lovibond,Henry Lloyd-Hughes,Rory Kinnear,Stephen Campbell Moore,Ken Stott,Harriet Walter,Sharon Horgan,Phoebe Waller-Bridge,Paulina Boneva,Leila Wong,Robert Wilfort,Shina Shihoko Nagai,Joanna Finata,Lasco Atkins,Jozef Aoki,Simona Brown,Susan Fordham,Joanne Manchester,Pete Meads,Paul Thornley,Georgie-May Tearle,Adrian Palmer,Shaun Lucas,John W.G. Harley,Julie Vollono,Santi Scinelli
Genres: ComedyRomance
Directed By: Ben Palmer
Runtime: 88 minutes
Studio: Saban Films
MPAA Rating R

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