Manos Sucias

Manos Sucias Release Date: April 3, 2015

From the port of Buenaventura – the most dangerous city in Colombia—three men embark on a journey over the dark murky waters of the Pacific. A set of mysterious coordinates is their guide, a fishing net is their cover, and a narco-torpedo filled with 100kg of cocaine is their cargo.

Following estranged brothers as they they risk everything for a chance a better life, the movie Manos Sucias takes a close look at life at the bottom of the food chain in the international drug trade.

Manos Sucias Trailer

Starring: Cristian James Abvincula,Jarlin Javier Martinez,Hadder Blandon,Andrés Reina Ruiz,María Perlaza,Jhon Edward García,Yessenia Candelo,Cristian Rene Mafla Angulo,Javier Martinez,Hector Arias,Ruben Dario Gomez,Jose Eliecer Romero,Fidel Olaya,Yesica Orobio,Jaider Zuluaga,Braulio Ramos,Manuel David Riascos,Fabiola Córdoba,Giovanni Caballero Valencia,Cirila Sinisterra,Sandra Lizalda,Jose Marino Angulo
Genres: DramaThriller
Directed By: Josef Kubota Wladyka
Runtime: 84 minutes
Studio: Tenacious Productions
MPAA Rating Unrated