Mojin Release Date: December 18, 2015

In Mojin, AKA Mojin: The Lost Legend (and originally entitled The Ghouls), some people have a special gift. They’re able to travel between the realms of the living and the dead… and tomb raiding can mean big business. Welcome to the world of the Mojin. Based on the #1 best-selling series of novels and starring Shu Qi, Chen Kun, Angelababy, and Huang Bo, Mojin: The Lost Legend pits a trio of legendary grave robbers against scholars, rivals, and the law—until an offer from a mysterious stranger tempts them into one last heist… an adventure that will test their skills, their friendship, and ultimately their mortal souls.

Mojin Trailer

Starring: Qi Shu,Angelababy,Kun Chen,Bo Huang,Yu Xia,Taso Mikroulis,Sandra Gumuzzio,Yi Liu,D.J. Sisco,Ivan Leon,Nesha Ward,Lorie Kellogg,Ivan Vila,Jeffrey Weiner,Alex Eckstorm,Lawrence Novak,Marianna German,Bryan Sanchez,Darnell White,Yoni Schanzer,Sean Mejia,Athony Solano,Omar Krystion,Jay Parel
Genres: ActionHorror
Directed By: Wuershan
Studio: WellGo USA
MPAA Rating R