Our Man In Tehran

Our Man In Tehran Release Date: May 15, 2015

Our Man In Tehran tells the true story behind the movie Argo.

Former Canadian ambassador to Iran, Ken Taylor, who facilitated the 1980 escape of six US Embassy workers during the Iran hostage crisis, takes us inside the true story behind Ben Affleck’s Academy Award-winning Argo in this fascinating, in-depth documentary.

While Argo rekindled public interest in and awareness of the hostage crisis, the film was entertainment first and foremost – “based on a true story,” but not the whole story.

In this gripping film, winner of Five Canadian Screen Awards including Best Documentary, the story of the “Canadian Caper” is told by the man who knows it best: Ken Taylor, who hid the six Americans in his official residence and obtained the counterfeit documents that allowed them to make their dramatic escape from Tehran.

Taking us step by step through the story, Taylor offers a vivid, first-person account of the weeks of nerve-racking tension as he and his collaborators put their clandestine plan in motion, knowing that the slightest slip-up could mean dire consequences for all. Also featuring interviews with the rescued Americans, former Prime Minister Joe Clark, and ex-CIA officer Tony Mendez (Argo’s main protagonist), Our Man in Tehran tells the amazing true story behind the thrilling feature film.

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Starring: Bob Anders,Joe Clark,William Daugherty,Carole Jerome,Flora MacDonald,Tony Mendez,Joe Schlesinger,Zena Sheardown,Gary Sick,Ken Taylor
Genres: DocumentaryHistory
Directed By: Drew TaylorLarry Weinstein
Runtime: 85 minutes
Studio: First Run Features
MPAA Rating Unrated

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