Soaked In Bleach

Soaked In Bleach Release Date: June 12, 2015

The big screen documentary Soaked In Bleach reveals the events behind Kurt Cobain’s death as seen through the eyes of nut job Tom Grant, the private investigator that was hired by Courtney Love in 1994 to track down her missing husband (Kurt Cobain) only days before his deceased body was found at their Seattle home.

Kurt Cobain’s death was ruled a suicide by the police (a reported self-inflicted gunshot wound), but doubts have circulated for twenty years as to the legitimacy of this ruling, especially due to the work of Mr. Grant, a former L.A. County Sheriff’s detective, who did his own investigation and determined there was significant empirical and circumstantial evidence to conclude that foul play could very well have occurred.

The film develops as a narrative mystery with cinematic re-creations, interviews with key experts and witnesses and the examination of official artifacts from the 1994 case.

The film receives its VOD release on June 11, 2015 and then, allegedly, a limited theatrical release on June 12, 2015 in NYC and Los Angeles. Stay tuned for updates.

Soaked In Bleach Trailer

Starring: Kurt Cobain,Kurt Loder,Daniel Roebuck,August Emerson,Tor Brown,Sarah Scott,Tyler Bryan,Christian J. Meoli,Kale Clauson,Julie Lancaster,Jerry Hauck,Jeff Denton,David Daskal,Sophia Markov,Victoria Markov,Pat Asanti,Steven Ellison,Mandy Henderson,Alyssa Suede,Aleksey Solodov,Cyril H. Wecht,Tom Grant,Kaya Sakrak,Amy Pineda,Vincent Di Maio,Max Wallace,John Fisk,John Ball,Rodney Smith,Ian Mcintyre
Genres: CrimeDocumentaryDramaMusicMystery
Directed By: Benjamin Statler
Runtime: 100 minutes
MPAA Rating R