Straight Out Of Tompkins

Straight Out Of Tompkins Release Date: March 6, 2015

In the movie Straight Out Of Tompkins a forlorn teenager abandoned in New York City spirals out of control, from a troubled kid to an accidental addict, after he mistakes the welcoming embrace of a Lower East Side drug dealer for the love of family.

Offering a humorous take on the absurdity of the junky lifestyle, Straight Out Of Tompkins also presents a fearlessly honest portrayal of the violence and danger that come with teen drug use.

Watch the Straight Out Of Tompkins trailer, starring Zephyr Benson.

Straight Out Of Tompkins Trailer

Starring: Zephyr Benson,Aaron Costa Ganis,Jon McCormick,Mike Steinmetz,Adonis Rodriguez,Christina Saragaglia,Lloyd Kaufman,Danielle Dallacco,Karla DeVito,Julian Murdoch,Brian Morvant,Cliff Bemis,Ezra Knight,Angelina Fiordellisi,Paul Kreppel,Perri Lauren,Bari Hyman,Ed Lieberman,Diane Poulos,Gabe Green,Lela Edgar,Jaiden Kaine,Thom Scott II,Caitlin Zoz,Corwin C. Tuggles,Patrick Brana,Erica Everage,Gabriel Sloyer,Jordan Goldston,Caterina Leaness
Genres: Drama
Directed By: Zephyr Benson
Runtime: 92 minutes
Studio: Indican Pictures
MPAA Rating Unrated