Terminator 5

Terminator 5 Release Date: July 1, 2015

Terminator 5 is officially entitled Terminator Genisys; a moronic spelling of the word.

Arnold Schwarzenegger promised “I’ll be back,” and he will be back – exactly 30 years after the first The Terminator movie .

The first four Terminator movies were produced and released by various studios, while Terminator 5 is a Paramount Pictures production and release.

The movie Terminator 5 was financed by multi-billionaire Larry Ellison’s kids, daughter, Megan Ellison, who owns Annapurna Pictures and son, David Ellison, who owns Skydance Productions. Larry Ellison is the founder of Oracle and owner of 98% the island of Lana’i in Hawai’i.

Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry) and Laeta Kalogridis (White House Down) wrote the Terminator 5 (AKA Terminator: Genesis) screenplay, which, according to Arnold Schwarzenegger, was completed in early June 2013.

The original The Terminator was released in theaters by Orion Pictures on October 26, 1984 and earned $38 million in 1984 box office dollars.

Terminator 2 was released in theaters on July 3, 1991 by Columbia Pictures and grabbed $204 million. No Terminator movie has come close to the box office success of the second in the film franchise.

Terminator 3 was released in theaters on July 2, 2003 by Warner Bros., and grabbed $150 million at the movie box office.

And Terminator 4 was released in theaters on May 21, 2009 by Warner Bros., taking in a tepid $125 million.

It has been confirmed that the fifth Terminator film will be Rated-R. Many speculated that the reason why the fourth Terminator film bombed was because of its PG-13 rating, compared to the R-rating of all of its predecessors.

Oscar wining director of Titanic, James Cameron, launched The Terminator big screen franchise, directing the original in 1984.

The Terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, will be 67 years old when Terminator 5 is released.

Emilia Clarke, Daenerys Targaryen, on Game Of Thrones, plays Sarah Connor in Terminator: Genesis.

In the press release the movie studios made mention that this Terminator, Terminator: Genesis, is not a sequel, but the first, in a stand-alone trilogy.

Terminator: Genisys review
By Audrey Shine (Wild About Movies resident critic)

Before I saw this movie, I couldn’t imagine where the story would go next. Well, it’s obvious – time travel.  The Terminator/Skynet/Resistance story takes several twists and turns, but the truly amazing thing is that the writers, cast and crew succeeded in creating an exciting, unpredictable, cleverly orchestrated new “alternate time line”  of the movie dynasty.  They pulled it off.  Beautifully.
Jason Clarke joins the list of John Connor actors (Edward Furlong, Christian Bale, and Nick Stahl) and is certainly playing a John Connor we have never imagined – no hero here.  Emilia Clarke (no relation) is only the second actress to play Sarah Connor on the big screen, though she is referred to, almost revered in all the movies.  It’s difficult shoes to fill, but her portrayal works, though her “Sarah” isn’t nearly as overtly tough as Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2. Jai Courtney is Kyle Reese, but honestly, this character, even more than others, is different each time.  This Kyle is a new invention, dedicated, even patriotic, and cautious – lacking the sense urgency and desperation so evident with Michael Biehn and Anton Yelchin.  JK Simmons has a minor, though interesting role as O’Brien, who has been watching the drama unfold since 1984 and is quick to catch on to the current crisis – way before the authorities, of course.  And  fans of Dr. Who will recognize Matt Smith as “Alex,” in a very minor but pivotal role.
But the star is definitely Arnold Schwarzenegger (“Pops”)  who is magically transformed into both his earlier Terminator and his mature father figure terminating self.  I always appreciated that Schwarzenegger played the role with some deprecating humor, unlike the other robotic models, and his character in Genisys carries the tradition forward.
I saw the movie in 3D and it was definitely worth it – stunning visuals, incredible stunts.  Thrilling.
If there is anything the movie can be criticized for, it’s “how does this fit everything that has gone before.”  It really doesn’t, and the other ones didn’t either.  This isn’t a “next installment” type franchise, so don’t expect it to take up where Terminator Salvation left off, and you definitely need to forget that  the Terminator self destructed in a pool of acid at the end of Terminator 2 (never happened! – he’s back!)

Terminator 5 Trailer

Genres: ActionAdventureSci-FiThriller
Directed By: Alan Taylor
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Total Box Office: 85.7 MIL
MPAA Rating R

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