The Girl King

The Girl King Release Date: December 4, 2015

The Girl King tells the true story of one of the most iconic queens in history, Queen Christina of Sweden (Mika Kaurismaki). She was crowned Queen in 1633 at the age of six and raised as a prince.

Besides Buska the movie The Girl King stars Sarah Gadon, (The Amazing Spiderman 2) Michael Nyqvist (Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol), Lucas Bryant (TV’s Haven), and Martina Gedeck (Night Train to Lisbon).

The Girl King Trailer

Starring: Malin Buska,Sarah Gadon,Michael Nyqvist,Lucas Bryant,Laura Birn,Hippolyte Girardot,Peter Lohmeyer,François Arnaud,Martina Gedeck,Patrick Bauchau,Jannis Niewöhner,Samuli Edelmann,Ville Virtanen,Jarmo Mäkinen,Veera W. Vilo,Jenny Rostain,Mikko Leppilampi,Sampo Sarkola,Mikko Kouki,Timo Torikka,Pertti Sveholm,Janina Berman,Petri Aulin,Lauri Tanskanen,Lotus Tinat,Gabriele Goria,Dodo Oltrecolli,Micci Martin,Mirja Oksanen
Genres: Drama
Directed By: Mika Kaurismäki
Studio: Wolfe Releasing
MPAA Rating R