The Marquise Of O

The Marquise Of O Release Date: March 18, 2015

In the 1976 classic Eric Rohmer movie The Marquise Of O – remastered and rereleased in U.S. movie theaters in 2015 – a German Marquise has to deal with a pregnancy she cannot explain and an infatuated Russian Count.

Already an established filmmaker by the 1976 release of The Marquise Of O, an adaptation of Heinrich von Kleist’s classic short story, the film stands as Eric Rohmer’s “dazzling testament to the civilizing effects of several different arts, witty, joyous and so beautiful to look at” (The New York Times).

Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival that year, Eric Rohmer’s film is set in 1799 during the Russian invasion of Italy.

A young widow, The Marquise (Edith Clever) lives with her parents; her father is the commander of a citadel embroiled in battle. With the fort overrun by Russians, the Marquise is abducted by a group of rowdy soldiers and nearly taken advantage of when the Russian commander Count F (Bruno Ganz) appears as if from nowhere to rescue her.

Later, the Marquise realizes she is pregnant, though she cannot decipher how the circumstance came to be. The Marquise’s scandalized parents banish her to their country estate, where she pens a letter to the newspaper announcing that she will marry the father, whomever he may be, should he only present himself.

The Marquise Of O Trailer

Starring: Edith Clever,Bruno Ganz,Edda Seippel,Peter Lühr,Otto Sander,Eduard Linkers,Ruth Drexel,Bernhard Frey,Hesso Huber,Erich Schachinger,Richard Rogner,Thomas Straus,Volker Prechtel,Marion Müller,Heidi Möller,Franz Pikola,Theo de Maal,Petra Meier,Manuela Mayer,Eric Rohmer
Genres: DramaHistory
Directed By: Eric Rohmer
Runtime: 102 minutes
Studio: Film Movement Classics
MPAA Rating PG