The Squeeze

The Squeeze Release Date: April 17, 2015

In the movie The Squeens, Augie Baccus, (early 20s), is a common man of uncommon skills, living in a small Texas town is a winner in life – starting quarterback in football, leading scorer in basketball, fastest in track, etc.

When Augie wins his one day City Golf Championship by 15 shots breaking his own course record, a dapper Southern gentleman gambler, Riverboat and his over-the-top bejeweled wife, Jessie, who are driving cross country in their blue Thunderbird from Mississippi to Las Vegas hear of this uncommonly gifted young golfer on local radio.

Turning off the highway, Riverboat heads to the local muni course to find Augie and convinces him to abandon his dreams of qualifying for the PGA Tour, and come play for him in high-stake gambling matches.

Augie’s longtime girlfriend, Natalie, sassy, smart and take-no-prisoners is angered beyond tolerance as she watches Augie give up his dreams and compromise his integrity. Augie continues to win high stakes matches all across the state until they’re finally run out of Texas.

Riverboat and Augie head for Las Vegas where they play in even higher stakes matches until Augie finds himself pitted against a big-time Vegas gambler, Jimmy Diamonds, who has known connections to the mob. Augie continues to win every match until finally, Diamonds, fed up with the scam, breaks into Augie’s hotel room and brutally informs him he’s going to end up at the bottom of a swimming pool wearing lead boots if he doesn’t lose the match the next day.

Fearing for his life, Augie attempts to escape but is soon discovered by a very angry Riverboat who informs him he had better win the match the next day or he’ll do the deadly deed himself.

Thus our hero is caught in The Squeeze.

Win or lose-either way, he’s dead. Can this appealing young man escape the opposing forces of evil and win back his girl?

The Squeeze Trailer

Starring: Jeremy Sumpter,Katherine LaNasa,Jason Dohring,Christopher McDonald,Michael Nouri,Jillian Murray,Mekia Cox,Rochelle Aycoth,Michael Beasley,David O'Donnell,Joey Bell,J. Teddy Garces,Tim Ware,Michael Harding,Kimberly Leemans,Jon Stafford,Brian Blu,Hollie Stenson,Elliott Grey,Logan Siu,Addison Black,Travis Bottom,Randy Grazio,Kyle Slabotsky,Nelson J. Davis,Dean Mauro,Sherri Robinson,Brian H. Scott,Lisa Nygard-Pugh,Lesley Sluzynski
Genres: ComedyDramaSport
Directed By: Terry Jastrow
Runtime: 95 minutes
Studio: Arc Entertainment
MPAA Rating PG-13