Snowtime Release Date: February 19, 2016

Snowtime is a romp through childhood full of heart and humor. To amuse themselves during the winter school break, the kids in a small village decide to have a massive snowball fight. Luke and Sophie, both 11 years old, become the leaders of the opposing sides. Sophie and her cohorts defend an elaborate snow fort against the assault of Luke’s horde. Whichever side occupies the fort at the end of the winter break, wins. But what starts out as pure youthful fun and enthusiasm deteriorates into a more serious conflict, where children learn valuable life lessons on friendship, the importance of unity, and the emotional consequences of vicious rivalry. The film’s underlying message – neither side wins in war – is as relevant today as ever.

Based on the acclaimed live-action film classic La Guerre des Tuques (The Dog Who Stopped the War), the movie Snowtime is a captivating cinematic adventure about hope and friendship. The film explores the sometimes mercurial relations between friends during childhood, and the role that enthusiastic competition and energizing solidarity play in the lives of youth.

Snowtime Trailer

Starring: Angela Galuppo,Mariloup Wolfe,Lucinda Davis,Nicholas Savard-L'Herbier,Sophie Cadieux,Anne Casabonne,Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc,Ross Lynch,Catherine Trudeau,Gildor Roy,André Sauvé,Sebastién Reding,Heidi Lynne Weeks,Hugolin Chevrette-Landesque,Liz MacRae,Aline Pinsonneault,Esther Poulin,Don W. Shepherd
Genres: AnimationComedyFamily
Directed By: Jean-François PouliotFrançois Brisson
Runtime: 80 minutes
Studio: Shout Factory
MPAA Rating PG

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