Warcraft Release Date: June 10, 2016

The movie based on one of the most popular video games of all time, World Of Warcraft, will be released in theaters with the title Warcraft.

Sam Raimi, the director of the first three Spiderman movies, was supposed to sit in the director’s chair for this movie but passed on it in order to film Oz, The Great And Powerful instead. The “Warcraft” universe is a rich fantasy setting that revolves around the epic conflict between the opposing forces of the Horde and the Alliance. Since its debut in 1994, the “World Of Warcraft” has developed a loyal following across the globe, with several bestselling, award-winning video games and a range of popular licensed products including novels, action figures, apparel, comic books, board games, and more. “World of Warcraft,” Blizzard Entertainment’s subscription-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in the Warcraft universe, is the most popular game of its kind in the world. Its most recent expansion, “Wrath of the Lich King,” is the fastest-selling PC game of all time, with more than 2.8 million copies sold in its first 24 hours of availability and more than 4 million in its first month.

The movie “Warcraft” was originally scheduled for release in theaters in 2011 when Sam Raimi was attached to direct. Warcraft has a new director, Duncan Jones, (director of Source Code), and had a new release date, December 18, 2015. That release date was pushed back to March 11, 2016.

Warcraft Trailer

Genres: ActionAdventureFantasy
Directed By: Duncan Jones
Studio: Universal Pictures
Total Box Office: 24.4 MIL
MPAA Rating PG-13

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