Of Horses and Men DVD

Of Horses and Men DVD Release Date: December 5, 2017

Of Horses and Men DVD

An inventive take on the symbiotic relationship between man and animal, Of Horses and Men is a dark comedy set in a provincial Icelandic village. Against a breathtaking seaside landscape, a cast of hot-blooded characters struggle to connect with nature and each other. Among them, a pair of wistful human lovers are thwarted by equine libidos, sparking their tentative courtship into action; a determined alcoholic gets his last ride at sea from a surprisingly seaworthy companion; and an adventurous tourist sets off for a leisurely ride on horseback that spirals into a quest for survival. The lines between species blur seamlessly throughout these memorable tales, reflecting love, death and the quirks of human and beast alike.

Delightful and offbeat, film debut offers plenty of breathtaking scenery of one of the purest seaside landscapes in the world. The film received numerous accolades through its festival run for its portrait of sensitive study of the bond between humans and animals, blended with an amusing romance and an occasionally unsettling window into human vice. Of Horses and Men won 6 Edda Awards in Iceland including “Best Film,” “Director of The Year,” “Screenplay of The Year,” “Actor of The Year,” “Best Cinematography,” and “Best Visual Effects” before becoming Iceland’s official submission to the 2014 Academy Awards – Best Foreign Language Film.

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