The Film Critic DVD

The Film Critic DVD Release Date: November 21, 2017

In The Film Critic DVD, Victor  (Rafael ) is a dissatisfied, world-weary Buenos Aires film critic who prefers to think in French and eschews romantic clichés…until he finds himself living one.  Riddled with ennui and the  maladie du cinema, Tellez drifts from screening to screening in search of cinematic perfection, casting judgment on filmmakers and their films with scathing incisiveness.  But one day, while looking for a new apartment, he meets Sofia (Dolores ), a lovely, thrill-seeking young woman in a pink bicycle helmet and yellow tights, a chance encounter that jars him into questioning his meticulous, intellectual routine. In time, Victor realizes there’s more to his own story than he ever dreamed, while learning that value of the kind of emotionally uplifting story that he has disdained for so long.


A nominee for the International Jury Award for Best Feature Film at the São Paulo International Film Festival, The Film Critic is the kind of frisky, high-spirited spoof that’s none too shy about including such rom-com staples as a kissing scene underscored by fireworks, a shopping montage, or even a climactic race to the airport.

“Tellez is a man who [has] spent the last twenty years sitting, and must now take action. The excuse is this girl in the movie, but she could very well be the product of his imagination, something created by his unconscious that drives him out of that very rigid structure that traps him” says The Film Critic writer/director Hernán , likening the experiences of his lead character to the audience.  “I think that watching films is by definition an emotional experience. But I think that primary, sensitive experience with cinema opens a unique world that reason doesn’t understand.”

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