A River Below

A River Below Release Date: November 3, 2017

A documentary as dramatic, ambiguous, and multilayered as any fiction film, the movie A River Below examines the efforts of two conservationists in the Amazon to bring about change by using the national media, only to discover the consequences of their actions come with a high price. Provides an eye opening look at what happens when passion and opinion trump reason and morality.

The crux of the story questions the truth in images, its manipulation to get the public’s attention and, ultimately, who pays the price for someone else’s passion for radical change. Would you be willing to sacrifice the thing you love to save the many? Is truth the first casualty in the fight to save the planet?

A River Below movie poster

Starring: Fernando Trujillo,Richard Rasmussen
Genres: Documentary
Directed By: Mark Grieco
Runtime: 86 minutes
MPAA Rating Unrated