AlphaGo Release Date: September 29, 2017

With more board configurations than there are atoms in the universe, the ancient Chinese game of ‘Go’ has long been considered a grand challenge for artificial intelligence. On March 9 2016, the worlds of Go and artificial intelligence collided in South Korea for an extraordinary best-of-five-game competition, coined The Google DeepMind Challenge Match. Hundreds of millions of people around the world watched as a legendary Go master took on an unproven AI challenger for the first time in history.

AlphaGo chronicles a journey from the halls of Cambridge, through the backstreets of Bordeaux, past the coding terminals of DeepMind in London, and, ultimately, to the seven-day tournament in Seoul. As the drama unfolds, more questions emerge: What can artificial intelligence reveal about a 3000-year-old game? What can it teach us about humanity?

AlphaGo still

AlphaGo Trailer

Starring: Demis Hassabis,Martin Rees,George van den Driessche,Ioannis Antonoglou,Lee Sedol,David Silver,Nick Bostrom,John Holmes,Joseph Choi,Lucas Baker,Fan Hui,Yuan Zhou,Chris Garlock,Arthur Guez,John Daugman,Nam Chi-Hyung,Julian Schrittwieser,Frank Lantz,Myungwan Kim,Lee Hyunwook,Thore Graepel,Maddy Leach,Aja Huang,Chris Maddison,Mike Johnson,Vedavyas Panneershelvam,Laurent Sifre,Andrew Jackson,Hajin Lee,Lee-Soyong
Genres: Documentary
Directed By: Greg Kohs
Runtime: 90 minutes
Studio: Reel As Dirt
MPAA Rating Unrated

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