Below Her Mouth

Below Her Mouth Release Date: April 28, 2017

In the movie Below Her Mouth, Jasmine is a successful fashion editor living with her fiance.

On a night out in the city with her best friend, she meets Dallas, a roofer recently out of a relationship. Surprised by the confidence with which Dallas pursues her, Jasmine turns Dallas down but can’t get her out of her head.

When Jasmine finally succumbs, the two women embark on a steamy affair that forces them both to re-evaluate their lives.

Below Her Mouth, is a Canadian erotic romantic drama film which premiered at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival.

Directed by April Mullen, the film stars Natalie Krill as Jasmine and Erika Linder as Dallas, two women in Toronto who meet and begin a passionate lesbian love affair.

Below Her Mouth still

Below Her Mouth still

Below Her Mouth Trailer

Starring: Erika Linder,Natalie Krill,Sebastian Pigott,Mayko Nguyen,Tommie-Amber Pirie,Melanie Leishman,Andrea Stefancikova,Daniela Barbosa,Elise Bauman,Jocelyn Hudon,Karl Campbell,Anastasia Marinina,Ian Matthews,John White,Jennifer Krukowski,Dawne Furey,Aneesa Badshaw,Sophie Blumenthal,Lindsay Christopher,Taylor McKay,Lauren Vandenbrook
Genres: Drama
Directed By: April Mullen
Runtime: 94 minutes
Studio: Gunpowder & Sky
MPAA Rating Unrated

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