Hostiles Release Date: December 22, 2017

Set in 1892, the movie Hostiles tells the story of a legendary Army Captain (Christian Bale), who after stern resistance, reluctantly agrees to escort a dying Cheyenne war chief (Wes Studi) and his family back to tribal lands.

Making the harrowing and perilous journey from Fort Berringer, an isolated Army outpost in New Mexico, to the grasslands of Montana, the former rivals encounter a young widow (Rosamund Pike), whose family was murdered on the plains.

Together, they must join forces to overcome the punishing landscape, hostile Comanche and vicious outliers that they encounter along the way.

Rosamund Pike revealed in an interview that she and Christian Bale barely spoke during filming outside of shooting their scenes, saying that Bale “would keep a distance. Our characters in ‘Hostiles’ are quite dysfunctional but have this profound connection that we let happen without ever really talking about it”.

Christian Bale won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in the 2010 movie The Fighter.

Christian Bale, Stephen Lang and Rory Cochrane previously worked together in Public Enemies (2009).

Christian Bale and Scott Cooper worked together on Out of the Furnace (2013).

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Hostiles movie still

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Starring: Rosamund Pike,Christian Bale,Ben Foster,Paul Anderson,Jesse Plemons,Timothée Chalamet,Stephen Lang,Peter Mullan,Q'orianka Kilcher,Scott Wilson,Rory Cochrane,Adam Beach,Wes Studi,Robyn Malcolm,Bill Camp,Tanaya Beatty,John Benjamin Hickey,David Midthunder,Scott Shepherd,Cassandra Rochelle Fetters,Luce Rains,Ryan Bingham,Scott Anderson,Jonathan Majors,Dicky Eklund Jr.,Christopher Hagen,Stafford Douglas,Sharon Anne Henderson,Jack Jackson,Austin Rising
Genres: AdventureDramaWestern
Directed By: Scott Cooper
Runtime: 127 minutes
Studio: Entertainment Studios
MPAA Rating R

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  • Hostiles movie still 3
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