Intent To Destroy

Intent To Destroy Release Date: November 10, 2017

With the movie Intent To Destroy, a documentary, Academy Award nominated director Joe Berlinger embeds with a historic feature film production on the set of Terry George’s The Promise, to take an unwavering look at the Armenian Genocide. Historians, scholars, and high-profile filmmakers come together in Berlinger’s cinematic exploration of the tangled web of responsibility that has driven a century of denial by the Turkish government and its strategic allies.

Intent to Destroy is a timely reckoning with the large-scale suppression of a historical tragedy. Berlinger confronts the fraught task of shedding light on the Armenian Genocide — whose witnesses and descendants are still fighting to be officially acknowledged as such by the international community — how it was carried out during World War I as the reign of the Ottoman empire drew to a close, and how it laid the groundwork for the genocides that followed.

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Starring: Shohreh Aghdashloo,Taner Akçam,Hagop Asadourian,Peter Balakian,Christian Bale,Ian Bedford,Michael Bobelian,Paul Boghossian,Eric Bogosian,Vicken Cheterian,Lee Cleary,Hrant Dink,Atom Egoyan,John Marshall Evans,Carla Garapedian,Terry George,Daniel Giménez Cacho,Andrew Goldberg,Fatma Müge Göcek,Samuel Kadorian,Raphael Lemkin,Guenter Lewy,Kevork Malikyan,Guillem Manzanares,Aurora Mardiganian,Justin McCarthy,Mike Medavoy,Roman Mitichyan,Mark Russell,Angela Sarafyan
Genres: Documentary
Directed By: Joe Berlinger
Runtime: 115 minutes
Studio: Abramorama
MPAA Rating Unrated