Mudbound Release Date: November 17, 2017

Set against the backdrop of the Mississippi Delta during the Jim Crow era after World War II, the movie Mudbound is both a timeless and timely film following two families – one black, one white – bound together by the hardships of farm life.

The movie Mudbound features Carey Mulligan, Jason Clarke, Jason Mitchell, Mary J. Blige, Rob Morgan, Jonathan Banks and Garrett Hedlund in starring roles.

Since the movie Mudbound is a Netflix release, the film plays on Netflix and whichever theaters it is released in day-and-date (the same day it is released). Since all of the major movie theater chains, including AMC and Regal, do not play movies that arrive on streaming services, DVD or On Demand, the same day as they arrive in theaters, the movie Mudbound will only play in select independently owned movie theaters.

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Starring: Garrett Hedlund,Carey Mulligan,Jonathan Banks,Jason Mitchell,Jason Clarke,Kelvin Harrison Jr.,Rob Morgan,Kerry Cahill,Mary J. Blige,Elizabeth Ashling,David Jensen,Rebecca Chulew,Henry Frost,Lucy Faust,Geraldine Singer,Jason Kirkpatrick,Claudio Laniado,Frankie Smith,Dylan Arnold,Floyd Anthony Johns Jr.,Cynthia LeBlanc,Peter Schueller,Jon Arthur,Patrick Constantine Bertagnolli Jr.,Lisha Wheeler,Charley Vance,Elaitheia Quinn,Joshua J. Williams,Mudbound,Brady Calhoun
Genres: Drama
Directed By: Dee Rees
Runtime: 134 minutes
Studio: Netflix
MPAA Rating R

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