The Legend of 420

The Legend of 420 Release Date: October 6, 2017

The movie The Legend of 420 explores the controversial use of marijuana and the evolution of mainstream society. From a dangerous narcotic, listed as a Schedule 1 Drug substance since the 1970s, to the rush to decriminalize it today. What has changed and why? Has the Government made the war on drugs a war on people? Cultural icons and experts will weigh in, contributing their own personal stories, discussing the impact of cannabis on the zeitgeist.

In Northern California, the audience follow the growers. What does it take to produce “quality stuff?” What is the difference between one plant from another. What are the true medical benefits? Why are people serving life sentences for marijuana convictions? What will the Cannabis Industry look like in five years? There are now CBD infused dog biscuits, Bud and Breakfast hotels and professional cannabis cuisine and soon there will be cannabis-themed malls & amusement parks. Will it retain its integrity as a homegrown industry or will it capitulate to Big Business? “Fruity Pebbles” themed cupcakes for the “holiday” at the local baker? Yep… must be “420.”

The Legend of 420 still

The Legend of 420 Trailer

Starring: Henry Rollins,Tommy Chong,W. Earl Brown,Michael Des Barres,Melissa Etheridge,Jason Mraz,Abdullah Saeed,Bonita Money,Josh Adam Meyers,Shaun Attwood
Genres: ComedyDocumentary
Directed By: Peter Spirer
Runtime: 87 minutes
Studio: Xlrator Media
MPAA Rating Unrated

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