The Trouble With Terkel

The Trouble With Terkel Release Date: February 3, 2017

In the animated film The Trouble With Terkel, Terkel is a miserable, unhappy sixth grader who is constantly picked on by two merciless bullies. One day Terkel finds a way to be cool, sadly it involves making fun of his best friends’ sister and his girlfriend, what is a sixth grader to do? Make fun of her and call her a fat pig!

When the abuse from Terkel is too much, she throws herself out a window which only makes Terkel more popular. Now dealing with popularity Terkel finds solace is booze, guns and everything American. But then life takes a turn for the weird when he receives strange death threats, unable to confide in his annoying sister or alcoholic uncle Stewart, Terkel turns to his teacher, a stoned out hippie with intentionally hilarious results.

The animated film The Trouble With Terkel was released in the rest of the world in 2010 but finally got its U.S. theatrical release in 2017.

The Trouble With Terkel movie poster

The Trouble With Terkel Trailer

Starring: Mike Olsen,Shark Firestone,Richard Janes,Chad Ridgely,Eve Mauro,Carrie Keagan,Vanessa Gomez,Marlise Garba-Wright,Jake Goldman,Stephen Ji,Nuria Garba,Jeffrey Garver,Randolph Kret,Chris Tergliafera,Edmund Poliks,Jeff Benegar,Toby Stephens,Alveraz Ricardez
Genres: AnimationComedyDramaMusicalThriller
Directed By: Thorbjørn ChristoffersenStefan FjeldmarkRandolph Kret
Runtime: 87 minutes
Studio: Indican Pictures
MPAA Rating R