A Kid Like Jake DVD

A Kid Like Jake DVD Release Date: August 28, 2018

A Kid Like Jake DVD

A Kid Like Jake focuses on the life of four year old Jake and his parents. His parents are concerned about his behavior. His parents try to figure out what motivates him and why he may different than other kids his age. His mother, Alex and father Greg, spend much of the movie trying to find the right preschool for his needs. It gradually becomes clear that their young child may be a different gender. Audiences are invited to watch as his parents try to understand their son’s personality.


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Starring: Claire DanesAnn DowdOctavia SpencerJim ParsonsPriyanka ChopraCindy CheungJulia ChanShaunette Renee WilsonKelly DeadmonOlivia Bond
Directed By: Silas Howard
Runtime: 132 minutes
Studio: Shout! Factory
MPAA Rating R