A.P. Bio Season One DVD

A.P. Bio Season One DVD Release Date: August 14, 2018

In the “A.P. Bio Season One” DVD, a down on his luck philosophy professor accepts a low grade high school teaching job where he is responsible for instructing A.P. Biology. During his class’s sessions, he uses the reluctant students to attempt to get revenge on the people he feels have wronged him, including his ex-girlfriend and the man who took his professor position. Battling his huge ego towards his superiority to everyone, the over-qualified egomaniac will eventually find that revenge is not always the sweetest victory.


A.P. Bio Season One DVD-Price TBD

Starring: Glenn HowertonPatton OswaltTucker AlbrizziMary SohnAparna BrielleLyric LewisJessica GarzaSari Arambulo
Runtime: 273 minutes
Studio: Universal Studios Home Entertainment