American Chaos DVD

American Chaos DVD Release Date: October 23, 2018

Acclaimed director James D. Stern (Every Little Step) provides an eye opening look at Trump voters when American Chaos arrives on digital and DVD from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. In his latest documentary, Stern chronicles the cultural divide of the 2016 presidential election as he travels through America’s red states to interview and spend time with Donald Trump supporters from different backgrounds in an attempt to find answers and insights to explain the appeal of the billionaire candidate.

In the six months leading up to the 2016 presidential election, director James D. Stern (Every Little Step) traveled to America’s red states asking about then-candidate Donald Trump’s appeal, and why potential voters were untroubled by things he had said and done. What he learned was a lesson in the central differences that continue to alienate Americans from one another. American Chaos chronicles Stern’s journey, bringing audiences directly into the heart of the cultural divide that is tearing apart our democracy today.

Bonus Features

.“American Chaos: Further Pandemonium” Deleted and extended scenes.
.Commentary with Jim Stern and Kevin Ford


American Chaos DVD-$17.99

American Chaos DVD

American Chaos DVD Trailer

Directed By: James D. Stern
MPAA Rating R