American Satan DVD

American Satan DVD Release Date: February 20, 2018

A young rock band made up of Americans and Brits is desperate for success. While living out their dreams in a van on the Sunset Strip, they meet an enigmatic stranger who believes in their potential. Once the stranger takes them under his wing, darkness invades the group. Lies, manipulations, chaos and some very unholy occurrences force the band to the brink. Can they survive, or will the Faustian deal prove too much for them to bear?


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Starring: Malcolm McDowellDenise RichardsBooboo StewartBill DukePatrick MuldoonDrake BellLarry KingBen BruceAndy BiersackSebastian Bach
Directed By: Ash Avildsen
Runtime: 111 minutes
Studio: Sumerian Films
MPAA Rating R