Bull Season 2 DVD

Bull Season 2 DVD Release Date: September 4, 2018

Dr. Jason Bull is an expert jury consultant and psychologist who uses “trial science” to determine the outcome of jury trials. His Trial Analysis Corporation or TAC is a jury consulting firm that helps clients select the jurors most likely to return a favorable verdict. The TAC expert team help put together a shadow jury based on the characteristics of the real jury to report how they regard the evidence presented. Bull and his team make adjustments to the strategy in the courtroom in order to procure a verdict in the clients’ favor. High-tech data and psychology are successfully combined as never before.

Michael Weatherly returns as Dr. Jason Bull, the charismatic founder of TAC, a trial consulting firm specializing in leveraging the human factors that can tip the scales of justice in favor of his clients. With three psychology degrees, human behavior expert Dr. Bull can read people like a book. In Season 2 of the smash hit series, we discover that the only person Bull has trouble reading is himself. With special guest stars Brad Garrett, Dana Delany, Minka Kelly, and Archie Panjabi, this season is packed with twists, surprises, and unpredictable endings.


Bull Season 2 DVD-$49.99

Starring: Jaime Lee KirchnerChris JacksonFreddy RodriguezAnnabelle AttanasioGeneva CarrMichael Weatherly
Runtime: 954 minutes
Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment