Dark Matter Season 3 DVD

Dark Matter Season 3 DVD Release Date: June 19, 2018

Caught up in the explosion of EOS-7, the crew of the Raza is separated and desperate to take back the Blink Drive. To get back what’s theirs, they’ll have to destroy the man who was once their friend—Ryo Ishida, aka Four. Now emperor of his home planet, Ishida has his own plans for the Blink Drive. That is, until the crew uses his memories against him to find where he has it hidden. But diving into memories is finally taking its toll on Five. And when she learns a big secret about her past, will she leave the crew to seek the truth?

With the galaxy thrown into a brand-new war, they’ll face more than their share of troubles, especially with Ferrous Corp still after their heads. But if there’s one thing this crew can handle, it’s the thrill of a dangerous challenge.


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Starring: Melissa O'NeilAnthony LemkeAlex Mallari Jr.Zoie PalmerJodelle FerlandRoger Cross
Runtime: 560 minutes
Studio: Funimation