Elementary Season 6 DVD

Elementary Season 6 DVD Release Date: November 6, 2018

Sherlock Holmes, a recovering heroin addict from London, attempts to rebuild his life in New York City with the help of Joan Watson, his sober companion. He cultivates a relationship with a police captain and earns a reputation for being able to solve cases that leave the police baffled. Brilliant but abrasive, Holmes has difficulty interacting with witnesses and police, and Watson acts as a buffer between him and the world. Despite her desire to remain detached, Watson becomes fascinated by the way Holmes works. Together, the two solve mysteries and build an unlikely friendship. He teaches her about the science of deduction, and she helps him deal with his addiction, his uneasy relationships with his father and his older brother and his memories of the woman he loved and lost.

Their brand of justice is genius. How would the legendary Sherlock Holmes cope if he lost his one-of-a-kind deductive skills? In “Elementary The Sixth Season”, the famed detective Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) faces this devastating possibility when he is diagnosed with Post-Concussion Syndrome, a disorder that causes physical and cognitive symptoms including memory loss. With his career, calling and sobriety all at stake, he must rely even more on his steadfast partner Dr. Joan Watson (Lucy Liu). Together, they continue in their mission to crack the NYPD’s most baffling crimes and puzzling cases. Your mind will be blown by all 21 thrilling episodes in this 6-disc collection as Sherlock fights to overcome a mystery even he may not be able to solve.


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Elementary Season 6 DVD

Starring: Jonny Lee MillerLucy LiuJon Michael HillAidan QuinnDesmond Harrington
Runtime: 885 minutes
Studio: CBS Home Entertainment