Hawaii Five-O Season 8 DVD

Hawaii Five-O Season 8 DVD Release Date: September 4, 2018

Steve McGarrett was a Navy Seal tasked to head up a new crime fighting unit in Hawaii after his father was murdered by an international criminal known as Wo Fat. McGarrett’s team is made up of a falsely accused bad cop, Chin Ho Kelly, a former New Jersey cop, Detective Danny Williams, and Chin’s cousin Kono Kalakaua who was fresh out of the Honolulu Police Academy. The team operates with an autonomy that other police agencies on the island do not have. With the full support of the local and state governments, McGarrett and his team are able to use state-of-the-art resources to solve crimes. As they battle criminals, their personal stories are also told, including McGarrett’s history with his parents and Danny’s custody battle for his daughter.

Five-o’s past, present, and future are about to collide when a Hawaiian crime wave heats up! With McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) leading their missions, HPD s elite team bolsters its roster with new recruits Tani (Meaghan Rath) and Junior (Beulah Koale) to hunt a serial arsonist and a diabolical hacker (special guest stars Randy Couture and Joey Lawrence). As a gang of mob murders sweeps the island, Adam (Ian Anthony Dale) heads up an organized crime unit. Bioweapon exposure and a gunman s bullet threaten to take down Danny (Scott Caan) for good. And while Grover (Chi McBride) faces personal demons, Jerry (Jorge Garcia) teams with a familiar face to stop a terrorist from building a bomb.


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Starring: Alex O'LaughlinScott CaanDaniel Dae KimGrace ParkMasi OkaTaylor WilyChi McBrideJorge GarciaDennis Chun
Runtime: 1074 minutes
Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment