Horseland The Complete Series DVD

Horseland The Complete Series DVD Release Date: January 16, 2018

Saddle up for adventures in friendship! Let’s go to Horseland!

It’s a galloping good time as four friends and their talking horses ride together through the ups and downs of being a kid in an incredible place known as Horseland.

Each amazing young rider has an equally amazing horse – and they come together to practice, compete, and learn from each other. But they will also confront an array of difficult situations that put their honesty, integrity, self-confidence, and sometimes friendship to the test.

From grooming, feeding, and show-jumping to dedication, respect, and cooperation – Horseland is a stable full of life lessons and great friendships.


Disc 1
You Can’t Judge A Girl By Her Limo
Win Some, Lose Some
Back In The Saddle Again
Cry Wolf
Fire, Fire Burning Bright
Fast Friends
Pepper’s Pain
The Awful Truth
The Competition
The Can-Do Kid
The Best Loss
Boss Bailey
Bailey’s New Friend

Disc 2
First Love
A True Gift
Molly & Chili
Wild Horses
Magic In The Moonlit Meadow
The Horse Whisperer
The Big Parade
The Bluebird of Happiness
Riding In Style
International Sarah
Changing Spots
The Whispering Gallery

Disc 3
The Secret
A New Development
New Pup In Town
A Horse Named River
The Last Drop
No News Is Good News
Talk, Talk
Oh, Baby
Heritage Day
The Princess
Added Weight
Sister, Sister


Horseland The Complete Series DVD-$19.98

Studio: Mill Creek Entertainment