Hotel Artemis DVD

Hotel Artemis DVD Release Date: October 9, 2018

In the Hotel Artemis DVD, in the near future, Los Angeles has been torn apart by gang violence and riots, and it is a truly dangerous place to live. Making things worse is the fact that proper medical care is scarce. A medical professional known simply as the Nurse has set up a special emergency room to combat this problem, but it is only for members, a way for the criminal element to receive much-needed medical treatment. How long can this secret emergency room continue to operate without becoming overrun with desperate patients?




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Hotel Artemis DVD-$36.95

Hotel Artemis DVD

Hotel Artemis DVD Trailer

Starring: Jodie FosterSterling K. BrownSofia BoutellaJeff GoldblumBrian Tyree HenryJenny SlateZachary QuintoCharlie DayDave BautistaKenneth Choi
Directed By: Drew Pearce
Runtime: 94 minutes
Studio: Global Road Entertainment
MPAA Rating R