Mr. Mercedes Season 1 DVD

Mr. Mercedes Season 1 DVD Release Date: August 14, 2018

Mr. Mercedes is the tale of a crazed killer who drives a stolen car into a gathering of people. A detective returns from retirement to find him and bring justice to those whose lives were taken by his insane act. The series, which is taped in Charleston, S.C., is based on a book written by the incredibly talented Steven King, an American author well known for his award-winning psychological thrillers.


Mr. Mercedes Season 1 DVD-$26.99

Starring: Brendan GleesonHarry TreadawayKelly LynchJharrel JeromeMary-Louise ParkerHolland TaylorBreeda WoolJustine LupeRobert StantonScott Lawrence
Runtime: 526 minutes
Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment