Mr. Robot Season 3 DVD

Mr. Robot Season 3 DVD Release Date: March 27, 2018

Mr. Robot follows Elliot Alderson, a young, socially anxious computer programmer living in New York who works for a cyber security company. Outside of work, Elliot moonlights as a hacker, finding emotional connections with those who he hacks. Elliot is scouted and approached by Mr. Robot, the anarchist leader a team of hackers called “fsociety.” The mission of Mr. Robot is to take down corporate America. Throughout the series, Elliot struggles as to whether he should take down the same company who hires him or bring down what he sees as corporate greed.



Disc 1 Bonus Features
Deleted Scenes

Disc 2 Bonus Features
Deleted Scenes
.Through The Lens Of Episode 3.4

Disc 3 Bonus Features
Deleted Scenes
.Gag Reel
.Mr. Robot Season 3: A World Divided
.The Visual Style of Mr. Robot


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“Mr. Robot Season 3″ DVD-$39.98

Mr. Robot Season 3 DVD Trailer

Starring: Rami MalekCarly ChaikinPortia DoubledayChristian SlaterMartin WallströmMichael CristoferGrace GummerStephanie CorneliussenBD WongSunita ManiAzhar Khan
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